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This parking lock is featured by nice appearance, novel structure, easy control, strong function and high security and reliability etc. The parking lock can effectively avoid the misusing or occupation of the parking lot and is a good assistant for parking lot managements of top-grade residential areas, shopping centers, hotels, offices and airports etc.



Voltage 6VDC
Static current ≤0.8mA
working current ≤0.85A
Running time of rises or falls ≤5 second
After rising altitude 380mm
After dropping altitude 80mm
Remote controlled distance ≤50M
Environment temperature -25℃~+55℃
Dimension 460*460*80mm
Weight 8kgs
Waterproof IP67


1.Pressure Resistance: The parking lock can endure a rolling force of 2ton under the falling status without being damaged.

2.Self locking: When the parking lock is at lifted or lowered status, no one else can make permanent changing on the status except the user.

3.Sealing: The IP protection level is 67, which can fully prevent dust from entering and avoid damages caused by water washing.

4. Manual control: If the battery is short of power or out of service, manual control can be made by pulling/pressing the rocking arm of the parking lock, so that the battery can be conveniently taken out for recharging, replacement or maintenance.

5.Power Cut-off on Resistance: The power shall be automatically switched off on external forces unaffordable in the lifting of the parking lock to protect the electrical motor from being damaged.

6. Power Shortage Indication: When the power is too short to start the parking lock, the indication LED on the parking lock will flash to remind the user of recharging the battery in time.

7. Alarming and Resetting on External Force: For these series parking lock, if the rocking arm is forced to be lowered when lifting, with the action of the external front/back angle of the rocking arm will be changed, the parking lock will alarm to remind the external force applier to remove external force or remind the managerial staff to make treatment. The rocking arm will reset automatically after 5~7 seconds.

8. Theft Protection: The position of the foundation for parking lock and ground installation will be protected by a large external cover. The cover can only be opened by the user with the key to make theft protection.

The parking lock is suggested to be installed in the middle of entrance of parking space. And installed on level and dry cement ground.


A. Lift the rocking arm manually with hands, open the lock with key. Open the upper cover to install the lock.

B. Drill three holes (12mm of diameter and 50mm of depth) and install M8 expansion bolts on the ground according to the locations of three installation holes on the parking lock foundation.

C. Cover three foundation spacers on the expansion bolts, and then cover parking lock foundation, install and tighten the bolts to finish installation.

D. Before using, first install 4xD batteries into the battery box, close the battery box cover tightly. then connect the plug to the socket of the parking lock, sort up the wires.

E. Install the upper cover. Keep the upper and lower fixed blocks joggling (hold the back of upper cover to push forward as indicated in the schematic). Then lock the upper cover.


Press the remote button to lift or decline the parking lock rocker. Power-off protection will be made if the rocker is blocked to prevent the electrical motor from being damaged. If the battery power is low, LED indicator will flash to mention user to replace new battery. If battery out of power, lifting/lowering of the parking lock can be made with manual

Remote pairing method:

Connect the power, the LED turn on for about 3-5 second, during this time, press unlock button first ,then press lock button, the led flash means the pairing is successful.

1x Parking lock 2x Remote Control 4x D Battery
2x Cover Keys 3x Expansion Bolt 1x Instruction


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